Drivers are measured and employed against set criteria and high standards. The minimum employment requirements are;

  • Five years working experience.
  • Medical examination.
  • Written references that are contacted and carefully analysed.
  • Pre-employment competency test, done by the in-house driver trainer.
  • Compulsory annual medical check up’s.

To uphold these standards, Volvo regularly sends out a qualified driver trainer, to test and evaluate each driver. Although a Contract of Employment is signed by the drivers, further specific “House Rules” are retained, which is in alignment with the customer’s needs and demands. Drivers are well remunerated and work on incentive schemes to encourage a high safety standard and upkeep of all vehicles.

Through vehicle tracking and on-board computer analysis, drivers are constantly monitored and analysed according to their driving patterns and on-road performance. This ensures an accurate evaluation and enables immediate interventions in the event of any abnormalities.

Health & Safety

Strict health, safety, security and environmental criteria are enforced. Extensive training and accreditation programmes are in place, together with continual monitoring and management of all staff and equipment.

Fatigue as well as stop and go management is in place and all drivers are regularly tested for alcohol and drug abuse.

To further assist with the upkeep of safety, the ICAB was installed in conjunction with our insurance brokers.

The ICAB device, an onboard system, automates warnings and emergency indicators that initiate a response sequence events.

Recorded data from all incidents like severe driving events or over-speeding, fatigue, drive-time variations, hot zones, distance travelled will be captured and processed to produce an extremely comprehensive risk report, to assist in providing an overall efficient risk management system.

This ensures a permanent 24-hour standby for emergency and security purposes. This guarantees enhanced efficiency and optimal reaction time to any situation.

Control Centre

The control centre team utilises state- of-the-art fleet management technology and operational processes, enabling Izusa Carriers to provide a profitable, yet cost effective, logistical solution to all our customers.

The control-centre provides customers precise and continuous updates on their cargo’s movement 24/7. They play a vital role in the communication between operations and fleet tracking. This affords decision makers a comprehensive, real- time knowledge of the fleet and all external circumstances that may impact their effectiveness.

Having these structures in place, enables the control-centre staff the opportunity to make the correct operational valuations, ensuring that optimal results are delivered, in order to maintain customer service levels and satisfaction.


The offices of Izusa Carriers are staffed with skilled and accomplished personnel. They strive to provide a sound foundation and secure footing for the complete operational requirements of Izusa Carriers.

They continue to provide a supportive structure between the client, supplier, staff and managerial aspects, whilst ensuring that deadlines are efficiently and timeously upheld.

All administrative personnel are equipped with a complete product knowledge thus ensuring departmental efficiency and optimal productivity.


All new drivers complete our unique three-week Driver Induction and Training programme, allowing management the opportunity to formulate and analyse eachdriver’s risk profile and driving pattern.

Through this process, weaknesses are identified and corrected before any driver takes to the road. This also ensures that all drivers are familiar with all procedures, documentation and customer expectations.

Training is carried out by internal and external subject matter experts. Workshop and administrative staff are continuously sent on refresher courses, enabling new ideas, techniques and technology to be brought into the company. This ultimately guarantees continuous growth and fresh new ideas for the optimal benefit of the client.