About Us

About our company

Every company starts with unique and humble beginnings, such as Izusa Carriers (Pty) Ltd. Mr Eben Basson farmed for his father (Inyoni Boerdery) after he completed his high school career. Over and above his farming obligations at the time, he also had to oversee the running of a fleet consisting of seven trucks. These trucks were used by Inyoni Boerdery for the transport of their own produce.

Izusa Carriers is one of the few privately owned companies where the director, management and staff all take a hands-on approach in the driving of the company.

In July of 2007, Eben saw a gap in the transport market, as there was no local transporting company to fulfil the needs of the immediate farming community. He purchased the trucks from Inyoni Boerdery and since then, has had exceptional growth in the transport industry. Expanding into a fleet consisting of 124 trucks, he is now able to provide services to a large variety of companies that covers various forms of product transport.

The Izusa Carriers footprint encompasses the length and width of South Africa, with the Head Office in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga and a Depot and Operations in Mooi River, Kwazulu Natal.


Our Values

To ensure customer satisfaction, deliver on commitments and allow customers peace of mind when dealing with us. Our slogan, “Conqueror”, encapsulates our commitment to product delivery with effective time management and state of the art monitoring devices, thus ensuring problem free transport.

Our Vision and Mission

We endeavour to provide the highest standard of service satisfaction to our consumers.

We continue to guarantee and maintain professional knowledge and skill to ensure our customers receive the benefit of a competent expert service based on contemporary developments within the transport industry.

We strive to add real value to our clients’ business simply by doing what we do best – delivering consignments securely and in the shortest possible time, at a price conductive to the monetary climate.

The vision of the company grew from a normal transport solution to a comprehensive, all-inclusive service with excellence as a rule. Izusa Carriers endeavours to become the preferred choice transporter with flexible solutions, both within and beyond the South African borders.

Izusa Carriers strives for customer satisfaction whilst upholding sound company values, integrity and good business ethics, whilst being sustainable, safe, reliableand cost effective.

While upholding their promise to their customers they also ensure continuous community involvement and transparency.


Our Goals


  • The prevention of all accidents, large or small.
  • To comply with all federal, provincial and government regulations.
  • To insist on safe working practises.
  • Through the concept of continuous improvement, we will review and revise our safety programme relentlessly, to ensure all potential risks are considered.


  • Corporate Commitment
  • Health and Safety
  • BEE Compliance
  • Hazard Control
  • Continuous Inspections
  • Driver Recruitment
  • Accident and Incident Investigation – Compiled by Insurance Company.
  • Security
  • Programme Administration
  • Recognition and Awards
  • Communications Programme
  • Community Projects

Black Economic Empowerment

Izusa Carriers believes in the equality of all people irrespective of race, gender or disability and is committed to the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged and the establishment of equal opportunities and the elimination of all discrimination from its workplace. This commitment goes beyond mere compliance and seeks to fundamentally address past inequities.

Proof of the commitment of Izusa Carriers to transformation is inter alia illustrated by the comprehensive Black Economic Empowerment policy that we uphold and adhere to, a Black Economic Empowerment equity transaction that we are implementing and numerous other socio and enterprise development initiatives.

Izusa Carriers achieved a level 5 BBBEE certification.

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Perisos Aviation (Pty) Ltd

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